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GST NIL Return Filing Consultants in Chennai India

Do you it’s easy to file GST NIL Return Filing with Consultants in Chennai India? It helps you to get Tax Relief after filing GST NIL Return. is one of the Best GST Return Filing Consultants in Chennai India and GSP-ASP in India.

Introduction to NIL Return Filing

If you are a Registered Tax Payer under the Goods and Services Act, it is mandatory to file a NIL return if you do not have any turnover. You have to log in to the GST portal and submit a NIL Return if you have not raised an invoice to customers. In the case of GST NIL Return Filing Consultants in Chennai, India, you can be assured that they are ready to help you in every way possible. They provide their clients with expert advice on the intricacies of this tax filing.

If you are a GST Taxpayer of India and you have not raised any invoice that is taxable, then the best option for you is to use the services of these consultants in Chennai. They will help you in file NIL Return in India. These consultants will advise you on how to get exemptions and credits so that your tax liabilities do not increase.

It is quite common these days for the online buyers in Chennai to use the services of the tax and customs professionals who are known as GST return filing consultants in Chennai India. With the help of these experts the online traders in Chennai can reduce their expenditure and be able to pay taxes in full or part or NIL

Who is eligible for GST returns?

All Registered GST Tax payers have to file their returns even they do not have any invoices raised during the month/period as an eligible Filers.. If you don’t have turnover, you have to file your GST NIL Returns in Chennai India.

How to Select a Best Online GST Consultants in India?

If you have registered for business in India, the most important thing you need to do is to know how to file GST returns online from India. The returns can also be filed online or through GST Consultants in Chennai, Coimbatore, Karaikudi, and all other places in India. To know how to file GST NIL returns from India, you have to select Best GST Consultants in India.

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is the reason for your registration. Some of the reasons are business owner, new entrepreneur, sole proprietor, business partners, professional taxpayer, tax defaulter, etc. The return must include all the details of sales made to the customers and the amount of tax paid. A detailed record of the transactions must be provided including the name of the seller, customer’s name, date and price of the transaction, date, and place of the invoice, and the sales price.

Apart from this, there are some other things that should be given in the form of return, such as the names of the parties, the place of service, the amount of tax paid, the name of the company, and the address of the company. It is very important to note that in the case of small business the names of the parties need not be mentioned, but the business address is required for the tax payment.

In case of any queries or issues with your return, then it is recommended to contact the concerned official or department directly. This is the best option since this will help you know whether the returns are properly filed or not. If the returns are not filed properly, then the person can face penalties or a fine. If you are unable to pay the taxes in time, then it is better to leave the taxpayer without getting the benefit. There are several people who prefer to work from their homes due to many reasons. These include the low cost of living, freedom to choose the hours of work, the convenience of working at home, and more. For these reasons, the government is encouraging the growth of this business and has made the tax payments easier to pay by taking it online.

Steps to File NIL GST Returns

One of the main options is to hire a firm of Tax Consultants or Accountants that will help you fill-up the forms properly. Another option that you have is to hire an Online Tax Filing firm that will handle all the details and prepare the necessary paperwork. They help the business owners who does not have filing experience or proper people to file their GST NIL Returns in India.

Visit GST Portal and login with your GST Credentials. There is a option to file NIL Returns as follows

  1. iMaster will Guide you to File your NIL Returns Online
  2. Login in the GST portal
  3. Select Return Menu
  4. Select the respective month to file your GST NIL Return
  5. Open all options and simply Save
  6. Submit
  7. And Enter Your EVC Code or Use Your DSC to finalize the return
  8. That’s All.

CBEC, the Central Board of Excise and Customs, has set a threshold limit for getting GST Registration. So you have an option to either Register and File NIL Return or Not registering.

Easy Guide to GST Return with Complete Online Return Filing Procedure

If you have a GST NIL Return Filing Consultant in Chennai, you can be sure of getting the best possible advice on the matter. They will help you in preparing the correct paperwork that is required under the law. Your accountant will be able to explain to you the entire process better and tell you what deductions and credits you can avail.

There are many people who are under the misconception that if they do not file a NIL GST Return under the Goods and Services Act, they are free from any responsibility and are not liable for the tax and penalty payable under these rules. In reality, you are required to file a nil return only. Otherwise, you have to the huge late filing fee and penalty under the ACT.


GST NIL Return Filing Consultants in Chennai will help you in ensuring that you do not have any problem in this respect. There are many people who are not aware of their rights under this law and they end up paying a lot of money on their taxes and penalties. They will help you in filing the correct returns at a lesser cost as compared to what would have been payable if they had taken legal advice. In addition, they can help you in calculating the eligibility of exemption and credits on the back taxes.

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